Countryman FAQ


Tracking / Logistics
1. How do I get the production number?
-From your dealer at the time of order or MINI will send you an email with one
2. Where can I check the status of my MINI?
-MINI Owner’s Lounge site / Call 1-866-Ask-MINI / Your ‘MA’ at the dealer can also tell you.
3. Where is MINI Countryman manufactured?
-Magna Steyr Plant (Factory) in Graz, Austria
4. What port does MINI Countryman leave from to US?
-Port of Bremerhaven, Germany
5. What port does the MINI Countryman arrive in US?
-Many ports depending on location. New York (actually New Jersey), Baltimore, Charleston, Brunswick, Galveston, Port Hueneme, Tacoma.
6. How long does it take to build a MINI Countryman?
-It usually takes up to a week from start to finish.
7. How many days does it take for MINI Countryman to travel from factory to Bremerhaven?
-It takes anywhere between 3-6 days to get to the port lot.
8. How long does MINI Countryman sit at the port then?
-Depends on the carrier vessel schedule. Anywhere from 1-3 days to over a week!

Ordering / Buying / Leasing
1. Can you factory order a MINI Countryman if I am leasing one?
-Yes! Most definitely!
2. How much should I pay for a MINI Countryman? MSRP? Over? Under?
-As of April 26, 2011, the transaction and purchase price of MINI Countryman seem to differ by the region of the country. Some region where there are one or only a few dealers, negotiating a deal is unlikely. However, places like Floria/New York/New Jersey metro and So. California where there are quite a handful of dealers to choose from, it’s been reported (and from my own experience) you can certainly negotiate a deal below MSRP. Details of this will be covered in upcoming post soon. 

1. When would Rear Bench seat option be available in US?
-Starting September 2011 (Official) You will most likely start seeing the option in the order sheet same time
2. Can I convert my rear bucket seats to bench seats?
-I don’t know why you will want to do so, but if you are willing to write a phat check, I am sure it is possible as all you have to do is replaces lots of parts.

1. What is the chassis number for MINI Countryman?
- R60
2. What is the fuel tank capacity of MINI Countryman?
- 12.4 gallons
3. What is the minimum AKI rating?
- Premium 89
4. What is recommended AKI rating?
- Super Premium 91 and above